sludge treatment bacteria

Pond Sludge Remover

Cut sludge handling costs, Increase pond efficiency.

Sludge removals are a customized natural microbial product with specific strains for aqua bioremediation and maintain pond & Lake bottom sludge remove.

Pond Sludge Remover Benefits

It helps to break down sludge crust and reduces sludge production in pond. This product can be used in both aerobic and anerobic ponds to reduce organic loading and sludge production. It is a low cost, low effort, non-mechanical and environmentally sensitive method of bringing pond management under control, with the added benefit of improved water quality for recycling or irrigation, and lowering operating costs. The result is often several inches per year when dose to the water, sink and begin to remove bottom organic sludge. Contact us for info about the sludge treatment bacteria

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  • Pond sludge treatment

  • Surface water bioremediation

  • Diminish bottom sludge build up

  • Remove pond odors

  • Lower COD&BOD levels at outflow to meet regulation

  • Enhance water clarity

  • Reduce mechanical dredging

  • Lower oxygen demand

  • Eliminate excess organics nutrients

  • Fish, family and animal safe

  • No need to take the pond off line

  • Increase pond capacity

Dosage & Method
  • Ready to use, Small sinking solid for precise and effective placement when spot treating.

  • First time using, Dosing 0.3 ppm per time, Subsequent dosing 0.15 ppm, once per week.

  • Routine use can maintain aquatic environment.

  • Suggest to dosing at morning time when sunshine weather. 


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