River Bioremediation

River Bioremediation, River pollution control, Algae Control,

Project Background

The 13th China National Games was held in Tainjin City, (8-27 to 9-8, 2017) , Hai River is competition field for rowing & Canoe and Kayak sport event, In oder to make sure aquatics sports carry out smoothly, Tianjin Government implemented a series environment treatment for Hai river.

River Problem

River Problem: 

- After onsite check, Upstream water quality is good, Downstream water began more and more green

- Blue algae serious burst at the both edge of river and bleachers area

- High suspension density in river water, and surface was covered by closely grouped algae

Project Solution

1) Base on protecting original ecosystem principle, Tangsons provide bio augmentation solution and implement pilot batch test and get remarkable effect result,


3) Algae removal is special bioenzyme to reduce algae in water body, effectively suppress algae propagation.

4) Aqua Clarifier is bioenzyme to decompose nutrients in water body, improve water transparency,

  • Algae Control
  • Aqua Clean
Project Result

After more than 10 days treatment, It greatly improves Hai river water environment without destroying ecosystem, and make sure aquatics sports carrier out for 13th National Games, meanwhile, it showed a “Beautiful Tianjin Scene” to all people of National Games.

  • Before
  • After

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