Landfill Leachate Treatment

Case Study, Landfill Leachate treatment

Project Highlight:
  • After dose nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria,  denitrifying tank ammonia reduction efficiency reach to 89.94%;

  • Nitrifying tank ammonia reduction efficiency reach to 95.99%

  • Aeration tank ammonia reduction efficiency reach to 97.87%

  • Nitrifying bacteria and denitrifying bacteria can tolerance 700 mg/L high ammonia parameters.

Project Background: 

Flow rate: Landfill Leachate 80 ~100 cmd /day;

Raw Water NH4-N : 1,580 mg/L, Nitrifying tank NH4-N: 700 mg/L;

Flow Diagram:  EQ tank > Denitrifying tank > Nitrifying tank > Aeration tank > Sediment > UF > RO

Wastewater Problem:  

System with high level ammonia nitrogen, incompliance with discharge limited standard.  

Client would like to reduce ammonia nitrogen below 25 mg/L.

Project Solution

Site visit to get detail information;

Get raw water from nitrifying tank for lab testing;

Suggest to use Nitrifying bacteria + Denitrifying bacteria to reduce ammonia nitrogen, 

Project Result


Denitrifying tank

Nitrifying tank

Aeration tank

Before dosing

688 mg/L

639 mg/L

629 mg/L

1st day

405 mg/L

258 mg/L

237 mg/L

5th day

225.9 mg/L

205.4 mg/L

203.1 mg/L

7th day

197.3 mg/L

86.7 mg/L

68 mg/L

9th day

167 mg/L

60.8 mg/L

55.9 mg/L

15th day

241.5 mg/L

56.5 mg/L

30.8 mg/L

20th day

69.2 mg/L

25.6 mg/L

13.4 mg/L

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