Textile wastewater treatment

Textile wastewater treatment, Toxic wastewater treatment,

Project Background

1) Project Site: Hubei Chuyuan Group 

2) Wastewater type: Dyes intermediate wastewater 

3) Flow rate: 2,400 m3 / d 

4) Project problem: toxic load, nitrification system collapsed 

5) Desired goals: Detoxification and outlet NH 4 -Nā‰¤30mg/L

Wastewater Analysis Report

1) Flow diagram: Influent > Micro electrolysis > Floc tank > Aeration >

    Clarifier > Nitrification > Settlement > Fenton >Effluent

 2) Wastewater parameter

Diagnosis and solution

1) Aniline is toxic organic chemical, when aniline in wastewater exceeds 100 mg/L, it will be toxic to microorganisms in the process of biochemical degradation, suggest to use biological antidote BIO C700 for detoxification and reduce aniline. 

2) Microorganism in nitrification tank was dying out due to toxic aniline, considering biomass cultivation for recovery, suggest to seeding nitrifying bacteria in aeration tank, then transfer sludge to nitrification tank after system become stabilized.

Project Result

1) After 8 days, ammonia discharge is 30 mg/L, achieve clients requirement. 

2) After 15 days, even ammonia incoming increased, outlet ammonia is stable within 20 mg/L 

3) After 30 days, ammonia reduced from 250 mg/L to 20mg/L, efficiency maintain at 92%, 

4) Aniline reduced from 500 mg/L to 30 mg/L, efficiency maintain at 94%, saving cost for Fenton chemical using, such as sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide, ferrous sulfate

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