Pond Remediation FAQ

1. What is in the products?

The three active ingredients are:

    . Specially selected strains of microbes

    . Bio-enhancer

    . Micro-nutrients

2. What is bioremediation for my pond or lagoon or lake?

It is the purposeful inoculation of a pond with a pre-selected consortium of microorganisms to establish the ideal numbers and distributions of populations to restore the natural balance to your pond. This provides a healthier environment for all forms of aquatic plant and animal life in an ecologically balanced pond or lagoon.

3. Do the microbe need special conditions in the pond or lagoon for working?

It can’t be used within 72 hours of the application of pesticides or algaecides. It is also necessary to turn off any UV lights for minimum of 24 hours after an application to allow the bacteria to become established. Microbes work best in a pH neutral range, 6.5 – 8.6.

4. What environmental factors will negatively impact the performance of the bacteria in the pond?

Neighbors spraying pesticides in the area; nearby parking areas with road cleaning chemicals from maintenance vehicles; countywide pesticide spraying programs; unseasonable temperature drops; chlorine from tap water; salt and other medications added to the pond; lime and acids from cement foundations; hurricanes and strong winds blowing toxic debris into the pond. Although these will impact the bacteria, it should not eliminate all from the pond. The bacteria can reestablish itself.

5. Are these products safe for use with pets, humans and other wildlife?

Studies with Tangsons microbes in shrimp farms and fish farms have shown the other livestock grows larger because they are healthier when the microbe is used. We have studies from a certified toxicology lab on acute oral toxicity, acute and chronic dermal toxicity, and acute ocular toxicity and Tangsons microbe is negative for all. Copies of these reports are available on request.

6. Will any of the Tangsons microbe products harm sick fish, plants, or birds?

Tangsons microbe products is beneficial to sick fish in many ways. All products were formulated specifically to reduce stress and some are to treat sick fish. Tangsons products will target organic debris in the pond or aquarium and have been proven safe for use with fish, plants and other wildlife.

7. If using a biological filter, why add live bacteria?

The biological filter will benefit from a bacterial inoculation to get it jump started in spring. Tangsons bacteria also do many targeted chores in the pond or aquarium, some of which are in areas that do not traverse the filter, such as bogs or the bottom of ponds with no bottom drain. The answer to this would be yes, you cannot have too much “good guy” bacteria in the pond or aquarium. Any excess of the beneficial bacteria will simply die off when the food supply is gone. We recommend the maintenance dosages to preserve the optimum numbers and distribution of bacteria for the best results under the changing conditions of your pond or aquarium.

8. If measured wrong, will an overdose harm the pond / lake or its inhabitants?

Unlike chemicals, the live bacterium will not harm the pond/ aquarium or inhabitants.

9. Can more than one Tangsons products be used at the same time

Tangsons products can be administered together. They are perfectly compatible with each other. Simply follow the directions for usage on the side of the box for each product you use. They are doing different jobs in the pond or aquarium.

10. Will a UV light interfere with the bacteria in Tangsons products?

Yes, we recommend that you turn off the UV light for a 48-72-hour period after the initial application and for 24-48 hours after each subsequent application. This is when the organisms are growing most rapidly and when they are the most sensitive to the UV light.

11. What environments have shown the least results when bacteria was added?

Concrete and cement ponds have residual lime and acids in them. The lime may leach out of the concrete for years adversely affecting the bacteria’s results if not properly washed and prepared at time of installation.

12. What will Tangsons bacteria products do for my pond, lagoon or lake?

It reduces ammonia levels, nitrogen levels, reduces noxious odors caused by urine, fecal matter, algae, overfeeding, etc., reduces hydrogen sulfide odors, improves dissolved oxygen, reduces buildup of bird droppings and organic sediment. Also reduces nitrate nitrogen levels and most potential sources of fish toxicity.

13. How long will it take to see result?

Introducing a live bacterial culture to a pond is like introducing any other life form, such as fish. Your pond should be adequately aerated, especially in warm weather, to provide the oxygen needed by your fish and aerobic bacteria. Oxygen uptake by the bacteria will be higher if there is a significant buildup of organic waste in the pond or aquarium. You should begin to see results in 7-10 days and in 25-30 days you should see complete results. Unlike chemical products which work almost immediately when added to a pond, but become diluted, the active bacteria in Tangsons products multiply to provide the populations necessary to give the desired effect. Some time is naturally required for this growth to occur. When you plant grass seed you wouldn’t expect to mow it right away, would you?

14. Can Tangsons bacteria products be diluted to extend the product utilization?

Tangsons products should be used as is and not tampered with. The bacteria are grown in the container, and by attempting to dilute it could upset the balance of equilibrium in the bottle and jeopardize the remainder by shortening the shelf life.

15. How will Tangsons products make my life easier?

These products establish a balance of nutrients in the pond/ aquarium, remove ammonia, nitrogen and other organic waste, which in turn produces cleaner water and a healthier environment for the inhabitants of the pond/ aquarium. It will reduce the manual maintenance requirements of the owner and increase the pleasure of having a pond or aquarium. As one dealer put it, “It cuts your pond maintenance in half.”


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