SINOCHEM Petrochemical wastewater treatment

petrochem industrial wastewater treatment,Ammonia removal, Total nitrogen removal

Project Background

1)      Project Site: Sinochem ShangDong HongRun Plant

2)      Wastewater type: Petrochemical wastewater

3)      Flow rate:  4000 m3 / day

4)      Project problem: High ammonia and total nitrogen problem

5)      Desired goals: Meet ammonia effluent limit


Flow diagram and Wastewater paramete

1)      Flow diagram:

Influent > EQ > Oil Separation > DAF > Anoxic > Aeration #1 > Aeration #2 > Clarifier > BAF> Ozone oxidation > Multimedia filtration > Effluent

2)      Tank size:

Anoxic tank, 3 unit, each 2000 m3,

Aeration #1 , 5 unit, each 2000 m3

Aeartion #2, 2 unit, each 4000 m3

3)      Wastewater parameter

Petrochem Wastewater analysis report.png

Project diagnosis and solution

1)      The Biological system has been greatly impacted because oil flow in to it, makes the nitrification not running at all, the ammonia at inlet and outlet has no any reduction, total nitrogen of effluent don’t meet regulation as well.

2)      SV 30 result at 80%, MLSS at 6000 mg/L, the sludge concertration is very high, need to desludge to maintain MLSS at 4000 mg/L.

3)      Carbon source in anoxic tank is insufficient, need to add glucose to as carbon source for denitrification process.

tbvSWZe2RU2YSMwAuYhkGw_副本.png Thickening Tank_副本.png

Products using

1)      Nitrifying bacteria :  Control ammonia nitrogen and maintain discharge compliance

2)      Denitrifying bacteria:  Quick recovery from filamentous bulking, improve settles problem

 Nitrobacter.png  denitrifying bacteria.png

Project Implementation:

1)   Check and make sure all facility, air diffuser, pipe, valve, instruments work properly.

2)   Desludge from MLSS 6000 mg/L to 4000 mg/L

3)   Daily dose 50 kg nitrifying bacteria into aeration tank for 14 days

4)   Daily dose 50 kg denitrifying bacteria into anoxic tank for 12 days

5)   Control backflow from aeration tank to anoxic tank at ratio 200%

6)   Add glucose into anoxic tank for carbon source

 Dose Bacteria.jpg Anoxic Tank_副本.jpg

Project Result

After 10 days of commissioning, ammonia nitrogen and total nitrogen have meet local regulations. Showed in following chart, NH-N is significantly reduced after dose nitrobacter 5 days later,  and total nitrogen drops below 15mg/L after dose denitrifying bacteria 5 days later.  

At present, the effluent is consistently meet local regulation, which proved that Tangsons Biotech nitrobacter and denitrifying bacteria can effectively reduce ammonia and total nitrogen for petrochemical wastewater treatment.

Project result.png

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