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Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens

2x 10^11 cfu/g B. amyloquefaciens powder

Bacillus amyloliquefaciens is a gram positive soil bacteria, The cells often appear as long chains unlike many other Bacillus species that form as single cells. The optimal temperature for cellular growth is between 30 and 40 degrees Celsius. Similar to other Bacillus species, B. amyloliquefaciens forms endospores allowing survival for a long period of time. Endospores appear centrally in the cells which do not have a swollen appearance. It is used in agriculture, aquaculture and hydroponics to fight root pathogens such as Ralstoniasolanacearum, Pythium Rhizoctoniasolani,as well improve root tolerance to salt stress. It is considered a growth-promoting rhizobacteria and has the ability to quickly colonize roots.

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  • Bacteria count :  1 x 10^11 cfu/g  ,  2 x 10^11 cfu/g

  • Fineness:  60-80 mesh screen

  • Moisture: 8%

  • 20 kg / bag or  as per customers request

  • Agriculture

  • Fertilizer

  • Animal Feed

  • Aquaculture

  • Waste Treatment

  • Disease resistance and bacteriostasis: The product has significant controleffecton the soil borne disease pathogen such as Altemariasolani, Botrytiscinerea, Baeteriostasis, Fusariwn oxysporum, Phytophthora infestans, etc

  • Stressresistance and senescence prevention: the product can increase the stressresistance and photosynthetic efficiency of crops and promote the growth ofplants.

  • Increase soil fertility and improve soil: the product can improve croprhizosphere micro ecological balance, activate the potential nutrientphosphorus and potassium, promote crops taking root quickly.

  •  Degradation of pesticide residue composition, increasing production: theproduct can degrade the pesticide residue in the soil and reduce the nitriteaccumulation.

  • The Bacillus amylolquefaciens promote hormones ,such as protease, amylases enzyme ,which could effective increase plant resistibility ,prevent leaf fungi disease.

How does it work
  • Alpha amylase from B. amyloliquefaciens is often used in starch hydrolysis. It is also a source of subtilisin, which catalyzes the breakdown of proteins in a similar way to trypsin.B. amyloliquefaciens is considered a root-colonizing biocontrol bacterium, and is used to fight some plant root pathogens in agriculture, aquaculture, and hydroponics. It has been shown to provide benefits to plants in both soil and hydroponic applications. It takes action against bacterial and fungi pathogens, and may prevent infection though competitive exclusion or out-competing the unwanted pathogen.

  • It has been shown to be effective against several root pathogens that hurt agricultural yields in soil and hydroponics, such as Ralstonia solanacearum in tomatoes, Rhizoctonia solani in lettuce, Pythium in tomatoes, Alternaria tenuissima in English ivy and Fusarium in bananas and cucumbers. It also appears to improve root tolerance against abiotic stress, allowing plants such as maize to tolerate high salt concentrations in hydroponic applications, while also reducing salt concentrations in the plant tissue.

Dosage and storage
  • Fermented organic fertilizer: used together with bacillus subtilis and other microorganisms, adding 0.1% to 0.5%.

  • Preparation of organic fertilizer:use this product to mix 3-5kg/ mu with farm manure, chemical fertilizer or appropriate amount of fine soil for bottom application or topdressing. 

  • Transplanting crops can also be point or ditch application. When applying fertilizer mechanically, mix the product with chemical fertilizer, which can be applied into the soil. Or spray directly with water.

  • 2 years shelf life, 1 kg per foil bag, 25 kg per bag.

  • Store in cool, dry location, keep out of direct sunshine and moisture. 

  • Once opened, should be use it within 30 days to prevent activation. Keep out of reach of children.


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