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Convert organic solid waste to fertilizer

Management of solid waste poses as many challenges as the amount of unsegregated solid waste dumped on a daily basis.  Conventional treatments such as incineration and landfill dumping have serious repercussions for the environment as they are major sources of air and soil pollution. Composting is the need of the hour as it is the only true sustainable solution for organic solid waste management.

Composting is a way to treat solid waste so that microorganisms break down the organic material, helping along the natural process of decay until it can be safely handled, stored and applied to the environment.The microorganisms eat the organic waste, breaking it down into its simplest components. The humus (finished compost) they produce is rich with fiber and inorganic nutrients, such as phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen, and it makes a natural fertilizer that is beneficial to the environment. Contact Us for compost accelerator products.

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  • Manure composting 

  • Sludge composting

  • Solid waste composting

  • Hastens the composting process

  • Curbs the emission of foul odour

  • Quick rise temperature to composting requirement

  • Acts as soil conditioner

  • Curtails the growth of undesirable pathogens and weed seeds

  • Enhances the quality of final compost product

  • Reduce environmental pollution and also aid in alleviation of poverty

Dosage & Method
  • Dose 1 kg of Quick Compost is required for 1 TON of solid waste.

  • The powder needs to be mixed with water before spraying it to the compost pile.

  • Moisture content of the pile needs to be maintained around 30-50% throughout the process.

  • Overturning of the compost pile on every alternative day ensures better aeration and faster biodegradation.

Case Study for waste compost

Discover how to use a compost inoculant for cow manure composting, enabling your compost to convert into fertilizer more quickly.Read More


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