Seeds Coating

Seed Coating is a biological seed coating inoculants that consists of a combination of microorganisms and additives that promote plant growth. These microorganisms colonize the roots and protect the crop during the entire cultivation season. 

Seed coating is designed and created to improve germination, seedling vigor, plant stand and healthy root systems to get your crops off to a great start. In this way, they contribute to higher yields, and that helps grow your business.

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Troubleshooting for
  • Poor Germination

  • Thin Stand

  • Seedling Disease

  • Chemical Damage

  • Slow Growth & Development

  • Health start, better emergence

  • Potential yield increases

  • Develop a healthier environment around the seed itself

  • Optimizes root health, stress tolerance and plant vigor

  • Delivers faster speed to canopy and nutrient uptake

  • Reduces risk from early-season insect and disease pressure

  • Helps reduce the risks of replants and the associated costs

Mode of action

Seed Coating contains various Mycorrhiza, Bacillus, and Trichoderma species ensure that nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus are much more readily available for the plant.

Seed Coating therefore helps to significantly reduce the use of fertilizers. In addition, better developed root systems make moisture in the soil more available to the plant. Eventually the soil becomes healthier thanks to the presence of beneficial microorganisms.

Dosage & Method
  • Apply 50~100 gram /acre is ample for most small seed varieties. The rate used should adequately coat the seed.

  • Sprinkle the Seed Coat powder over the top of the seed in the hopper box or seed tender.

  • Seed Coat should not be considered as a replacement for pesticidal seed treatment.


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