Biological Nematicide - Nema Pro

biological control of economically damaging nematodes

Nema Pro is a breakthrough in biological control of economically damaging nematodes, It is bacteria-based (non-living) active ingredient (Paecilomyces Lilacinus) possesses true nematicidal activity against eggs, juveniles and adult nematodes, root knot, dagger, stunt, reniform and soybean cyst nematodes.

Biological Nematicide for Effective Control

We offers growers a organic bio nematicide choice in a dwindling selection of nematode management tools: broad spectrum, exempt from residue tolerances, for conventional & organic production. Thereby, promoting stronger, healthier roots and more robust yields.

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Nematode control
  • Root Knot

  • Leison

  • Dagger

  • Stunt

  • Cyst

  • Ring

  • Broad spectrum suppression & control of

  • Economically damaging soil insects & nematodes

  • Protect crop from yield loss

  • Can increase yields and harvest quality

  • Promoting stronger, healthier roots

  • Can be used at planting or post planting

  • Zero residues, can be used in organic production

Mode of action
  • Bacteria-based active ingredient that kills nematodes

  • Posited multi-site mode of action against eggs and juveniles

  • Activity by contact, ingestion and exposure

  • Internal plant response

  • Broad spectrum activity against many nematode

  • Species that also affects certain soil arthropods


Dosage & Method
  • During planting, apply 2-4 kg per acre, base on nematode situation.

  • Reapply every 28 days for season-long control

  • During cultivation, apply 2-4 kg per acre as a lay by application incorporating the spray into the soil profile.

  • Cultivation applications should only be used as a supplemental treatment following an in-furrow application.

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Nematode 2970 ind /100 cc before.jpg
Nematode 2970 ind /100 cc before.jpg
Nematode 218 ind /100 cc after Nema Pro treated .png
Nematode 218 ind /100 cc after Nema Pro treated .png


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