Nitrate Remove In Wastewater

Wastewater Nitrate Removal - Denitrifying Bacteria

Denitrification bio augmentation

Denitrifying bacteria is containing fast-acting and robust micro-organism that work in a wide range of industrial and municipal wastewater treatment processes. It increases start-up speed, improves denitrification stability, shortens recovery time after upsets, and reduces the risk of non-compliance of nitrate and total nitrogen. Contact Us for Denitrifying Bacteria Nitrate Remove In Wastewater.

Wastewater Nitrate Removal Benefits

Wastewater Nitrate Removal from Tangsons Biotech. Nitrate removal from wastewater by biological methods. Effective removal of nitrate and total nitrogen from wastewater, remove NO3 to Under 1 mg/L

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  • Denitrification tank 

  • Anoxic tank 

  • Septic tank 

  • Sanitary pipeline

  • Sewer line

  • Facutative pond

  • SBR 

  • Effective removal of nitrate and total nitrogen, degrade NO3 into N2

  • Maintain NO3 and TN discharge compliances

  • Speed up the denitrification process to minimize lag time

  • Restore denitrification system following toxic shock loading or operation failure

  • Improved ability to handle higher hydraulic loads and shock loads

  • 100% natural, chemical free, eco-friendly solution;

How does it work

The biological reduction of nitrate (NO3) to nitrogen gas (N2) by facultative heterotrophic bacteria is called Denitrification. “Heterotrophic” bacteria need a carbon source as food to live. “Facultative” bacteria can get their oxygen by taking dissolved oxygen out of the water or by taking it off of nitrate molecules.

Dosage & Method
  • Dosage rates are varying to specific project information, please contact with us and we’ll help you work it out.

  • Dissolve with water at 1: 20 ratios; keep settling 2 hrs for activation before dosing .

  • Routine dosing can keep performance.

  • Condition: D.O <1 mg/L, Water temp: 15~45°C, pH: 6 ~ 9, Salinity <30000 mg/L

  • Caution: Do not mix use with bleach, caustics, disinfectants or other chemicals

Case Study For Denitrification Enhancement

Discover how do we use denitrifying bacteria to enhance denitrification process from pharmaceutical industrial wastewater and removal nitrate and total nitrogen.Read More

The Best Way for Nitrate Remove in Wastewater Treatment Plants

Tangsons Biotech has been a reliable supplier of nitrifying bacteria for a long time in China. Our brand provides various kinds of Bacteria supplies and bacteria products like Bacillus, Lactobacillus, Trichoderma, and others. Our denitrifying solutions are far better than our competitors. The product is fast-acting and has high-grade robust micro-organisms that can adapt to different kinds of industrial wastewaters.  

Tangsons Biotech brings lots of bioproducts like Aerobic Bacteria, Anaerobic bacteria,  Nitrifying bacteria, Denitrifying bacteria and all other kinds of bacterial products. We at Tangsons Biotech lead in the production facilities as well as manufacturing efficiency of our products without charging any extra costs. If you are looking for high-quality fast action nitrate remove in wastewater products to use in your factory, then you have come to the right place. We at Tangsons Biotech come with the latest in-line natural bacterial products available for purchase.


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